Happy New Year and my very last Hifly News Section entry ever.
Lars and I would like to wish you all a happy new year and a prosperous 2013. As they say, all good things come to an end, which also means that this is my ultimate, final and very last entry in the Hifly News Section ever. My decision doesn't come out of the blue but I've been wanting to move on for a good while. It has been a most exciting, thrilling, adventurous, creative and hilarious 6 and a half year's experience, which has given and taught me so much during the process. I'll now enjoy some time off but will make my return quite soon, when I'm ready for new adventures. I wish Lars Gregers the very best of luck in the future. Thanks for everything. Klaus Boss
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 18:01
Klaus Boss
Watch the brand new video for 'Longer' by HD of Bearfaced Gang.
HD of Bearfaced Gang comes correct with the track plus new video for 'Longer' taken from the 'Extortion Muzik 4' album - in stores now. Watch the video now on YouTube
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 17:40
Klaus Boss
Ulrich Troyer meets Georg Blaschke 'Somatic Soundtracks'
Ulrich Troyer is a Austrian born, now living in Vienna artist, whom you've most likely heard of thanks to his excellent 'Songs For William' album on Deep Medi last year. The new CD album (which has been available digitally since early November)' Somatic Soundtracks' is a selection of compositions from Ulrich Troyer created between 2010 and 2012. The pieces were produced in close collaboration and especially for dance performances by choreographer Georg Blaschke. Although it's created for and aimed at dance performances, most of the tracks vaguely carries an audible or recognizable rhythmic intonation. Although these tracks are great in their own right it's not until the tail end of the album morphosis that a distinctive dancefloor takes place on the tender rub 'Song for Heide and last not least the heavily Dub Reggae referencing album closer 'Back From Serbia' Regardless of perspective and perception this a thoroughly listenable and enjoyable album, which will be released on CD, January 13.
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 17:21
Klaus Boss
Piano Interrupted 'Two By Four'
Piano Interrupted is the project of London-based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic producer Franz Kirmann. After a series of three EPs released over the last three years, they are now set to release their first full-length album entitled 'Two By Four' on Days Of Being Wild. The duo known as Piano Interrupted, has a conceptual foundation in and takes cue from the digital manipulation of musical phrases played by piano and other instruments. Furthermore the entire project also started from a commercial side of things which (fortunately for us) went wrong. What we have here are a full body of work, which happens to be as abstract as it's still accessible through the pleasant and lush 'easiness' of acoustic elements paired with electrical fields of static noise that are interwoven with such ease and elegance. Even the more rhythmically toned tracks, doesn't lack anything in regards to complexity and seamless arrangements. At this time I must add that any album with such brilliant titles as 'Bulbus', will receive at least one if not two stars for the name alone. The music speaks for itself though, which simply means this is one of the best fusion albums of 2012. Already released on Days Of Being Wild earlier this month.
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 16:15
Klaus Boss
Ossie 'Ignore' out on Hyperdub now.
Ossie has yet again returned after last year's Hyperdub debut making a name for himself with the acclaimed, 'Set The Tone' EP. With releases under the Ossie and Black Orange Juice name plus dj performances, he has been well busy over the last year. 'Ignore EP' consists of two chopped up tracks on the Garage side of things. Lead track 'Ignore' sees vocalist Tilz, singing about the game of winding up the opposite sex. It's a well-known scenario but this interpretation honestly doesn't do anything for me. 'Find Me' is however right up my alley with stuttering vocals, murky and rolling bass wobbles, fine-tuned break beats and airy feeling. Add to that the addition of a jangling guitar, which makes a perfect companion to the already existing elements. Out now on Hyperdub.
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 15:52
Klaus Boss
Billy Roisz 'Walking The Monkey' out on Mego
Billy Roisz is one of the best-known figures on the austrian experimental scene. Active for over decade as a video- and sound artist she has collaborated with names such as dieb13, Angélica Castelló, Burkhard Stangl, Silvia Fässler, Martin Brandlmayr, Toshimaru Nakamura, Mario de Vega, eRikm and Ilpo Väisänen. On 'Walking The Monkey', which happens to be the debut of Roisz, the six tracks of the album range from the calm and controlled gloom to the exuberant and relentlessly flickering white noise cascades. Rest assured that Roisz goes all in on the trademark noise features, which is evident from the beginning through the spiraling shrills and looming thunder of 'Spinning In Ecstasy'. Album standout for me is the growling sound oscillating on 'Feeding The Monsters', which seems only too fitting a description from what is to be heard. 'Under The Influence' rounds it all off neatly with a meditative excursion into protrusive and jangling guitar territory. Although chaotic and utterly complex, Billy Roisz succeeds in corresponding freely with her machinery, whilst still maintaining full control.
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 15:17
Klaus Boss
Listen to Modeselektor's mix for Chris Liebing's CLR Podcast Series.
The dutch duo who helms the two brilliant in-house labels, Monkeytown and 50 Weapons, have put together a special mix for Liebing's ongoing, weekly CLR podcast. You can either stream or download the podcast (download requires registration) by clicking this link. Tracklisting: MODESELEKTOR PRESENTS 50WEAPONS 1) anstam - morning shiver down the black wood river (50WEAPONSCD/LP10) 2) benjamin damage - swarm (50WEAPONS023) 3) cosmin trg - izolat (50WEAPONS008) 4) marcel dettmann - deluge (50WEAPONS016) 5) benjamin damage & doc daneeka - creeper (50WEAPONS009) 6) cosmin trg - simplism 7) dark sky - neon (50WEAPONS014) 8) bambounou - pixel (from "Modeselektor presents MODESELEKTION VOL. 02" - MTR027) 9) addison groove feat. spank rock - beeps (50WEAPONSCD/LP06) 10) marcel dettmann - linux (50WEAPONS025) 11) bambounou - mass (50WEAPONS021) 12) bambounou - data (50WEAPONSCD/LP11) 13) shed - silent whitness (50WEAPONSCD/LP08) 14) dark sky - ruk (from "Modeselektor presents MODESELEKTION VOL. 02" - MTR027) 15) benjamin damage - laika (50WEAPONSCD/LP12) 16) addison groove - bad things (50WEAPONSCD/LP06) 17) bambounou feat. french fries - let me get (50WEAPONSCD/LP11) 18) addison groove - i go boom (50WEAPONS022) 19) dark sky - ghaddagive (50WEAPONS024) 20) anstam - baldwin (50WEAPONS012) 21) other lives /atoms for peace - tamer animals / atoms for peace remix (50WEAPONSXTR01) 22) phon.o - slavemode (50WEAPONS011)
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 13:39
Klaus Boss
Stream and download Untold's special NYE Old Skool Hardcore Mix for FACT.
It's no secret whatsoever that much of modern UK club and rave music owes a lot to the early Hardcore of 1990-1992, Jungle Music and early Drum'n'Bass. Untold put together a special mix for FACT that has now been released on the very last day of 2012. Download Untold's XRI3 mix here Tracklist below: DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ackers (Kool) Hedgehog Affair – Heaven Sent (Basement) Cool Hand Flex – Your Risk (De underground) Dj Hype – I Can’t Understand It (Suburban Base) Static Substance – Ghetto People (Remix) (Impact) DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In effect (The Remix) (Slammin’ Vinyl) Freestyle & – DJR ‎– Madness (Awesome) DJ Ham –Most Uplifting (Future Primitive Remix) (Kniteforce) Nookie – The Sound Of Music (Reinforced) Origination ‎– Break Down (Rude Boy) Dub Two ‎– Bad Man (Tuffness Mix) (Big City) Tango – Can’t Stop The Rush (Remix) (Formation) D-Force – Ruff!!! (Slammin’ Vinyl) Foul Play ‎– Finest Illusion (Section 4) Peshay ‎– Piano Tune (Good Looking)
Monday 31. December 12 kl. 13:18
Klaus Boss
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Klaus Boss
A long time key player on the electronic scene of Copenhagen and specialist for Detroit and Chicago sounds. Dj'ing since 1991. Performing alongside Derrick Carter, Ewan Pearson, Agoria, Funk D'void, Aaron-Carl etc. Eventmaker, producer, journalist, radio host and lecturer. Under the guise Mindlovers with members Steen Thoettrup and Aaron-Carl, he released on Wallshaker Records in October 2005. Currently producing with 2000F.
klaus AT hifly.dk

Lars Gregers
Lars has 15 years of experience in the club circuit and has enjoyed large success with club events like Okyo, Fanclub and We Love House. As resident DJ at the aforementioned clubs, Lars has played alongside Dennis Ferrer, Martin Solveig, Switch, Yousef Joey Negro to name a few. Graduated as a Spaceinvader in 1995 and is one of the most experienced motion graphic designers in Denmark with ten years experience, doing title sequences, tv ads, live visuals, 3D animation and award winning documentaries. Lars is also one of the original founders of housemusik.dk
lars AT hifly.dk

Nicka Kirstejn
DJ'ing since 1988 and have played at every club in Denmark + several international gigs around Europe and the US e.g. Renaissance and legendary Club UK to name a few. Resident DJ and A&R for Roskilde Festival Dance scene, one of the world's biggest festivals. Innovator and resident DJ at his own brands OKYO, Fresh and Stella Polaris. Production wise - the highlight is the rework of DYAD10 "Sugar" picked by Yoshitoshi with a release date in 2006.
nicka AT hifly.dk


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Copenhagen, Denmark-based producer and DJ since 1993.
The musical focus is Dubstep, Grime, UK Garage and Drum'n'Bass. www.ohoi.dk / www.dj2000f.dk

Carsten Jensen
Since 1991 Carsten Jensen has been dedicated to electronic music, enjoying it at home and at parties.House and techno being the primary influences early on, later turned into an interest in techhouse and minimal house/techno during the late nineties. Currently he is involved in the Dog Days promotion, which just recently started to do parties in CPH.

DJ Drop
A hardcore junglist since 2000, where he began to DJ and promote parties in his small hometown Aalborg.
The first project was the 9000Massive events, that lasted for 4 years. After that DJ Drop decided to move to Copenhagen with the mission to re-established the Drum`N´Bass scene in Denmark. Today he's the head-honcho behind the Dnbzone crew.
Dnbzone started in 2004 and have since the beginning been very active in setting up events. Right now Dnbzone have a monthly residency at Culture Box.

Dr. Disk has been on the Copenhagen club circuit for 12 years now playing his eclectic mix of
records ranging from laidback to clubby. He's holding a residency at the world-renowned
Vega Nightclub aswell as beeing part of the Copenhagen production collective Nobody Beats The Beats.

Despite his young age Flip is one of the most established Danish club DJ's Based in house he garnish his sets with Disco, Tech, Hip Hop, Dub, Funk. Every week you will find him gracing the turntables at venues like Vega, Nasa (resident og booker),Rust, Kupe (Århus), Oil og Zoo Bar. He also held a residency in the basement quarters as a part of the infamous Wednesday night Mid Week Brakes at Rust. Hosting his own show on KissFM Denmark nominated as Upfront DJ of the year at Danish DeeJay Awards and held residencies at Tabu, Lækker, Konrad, Ketchup og Luftkastellet.In the precious free time Flip produces and runs www.cphdjbooking.com.

Jesper Fryd
Jesper Frydenlund AKA Jesper Fryd Original founder and former editor/journalist for Housemusik.dk Active as both DJ and producer. Brings home the butter from visual communication, but never wears a turtleneck.

Lewis Colston
After almost 7 years in the music industry, this man has screwed every single recording artist on the planet over at least 2 or 3 times. Or at least, he wishes he had. A self proclaimed "music retard". He has a broad insight into all kinds of music, with a particular interest in "All that crap they´ve been playing in the clubs since the 80s". Outgoing and fun, he also likes cockfights, shopping in Shibuya, and skinny women with breasts that stand up and say "Hello!". He also has a keen interest in popular culture, a passion for hard liquor, and wishes all puritans a slow and painful death. Lewis Colston works as Head of Promotion / A&R at Playground Music Denmark, and also does some parties with that Tom Collins guy.

Lex Diamonds
Having worked in the Cph nightlife in practically all positions from bartender to manager and now as a dj, dj booker and promotor, Lex Diamonds is the go-to-guy if you wanna know about the parties and clubs in Cph. Known for getting people on guestlists and arranging his own parties he is sure to bring you the news from down the backstreets.

Mikael Palner
Mikael Palner has been involved in the Downbeat music scene since 1999, by DJing and organising
chilled events like "Buddha Bar Sessions” @ Café Aporta and “Chill” @ Roberts Coffee.
The DJing have brought him around Europe to events in Sweden, Germany, Portugal and latest
as resident DJ on Roskilde Festival Lounge Stage in 2006. In 2002 he started the label
Auditorydesigns, which also was his start to move into the more jazzy and funky side of modern
club music. On top of it he has been writing about music for Chaishop.com, ClubbingMagazine,
Trancetunnel.dk, MyMusic.dk and the Roskilde Festival Website.

Morten Vammen
Since the early 80's Morten have been integrated in the subcultural world on at quest for futuristic ideas and excess. He has released several solo records, produced electronic- film- and ads, and worked as curator and dj. He released the book "Efterfesten"(The afterparty) and has written several articles for a vast number of magazines and websites. He just finised a documentary about Copenhagen nightlife and its personalities.
He is currently working on several tv and web projects. Maybe he will make a clay sculpture soon?

Former DJ and a household name in our community. Being an integral part of the scene in the early nineties in Copenhagen doing sexy voiceovers for Radio Falcon and always making people around him smile. Spinning everything from trance to Gabber you would see his name on many a flyer over the years. These days he ain't spinning anymore but don't underestimate the evil of this top party poster and Sven Väth-aficionado. PZ's affection for the music, knowledge and skilled hand surely will bring you many moments of joy.

DJ, promoter, producer. Rasmus Schack has been at the center of Denmarks club
culture for more than a decade. From making illegal raves to pioneering
drum n bass parties to high-profile DJ residencies. Now residing in
Copenhagen and running the Wednesday weekly Mid Week Brakes, a mash-up night deeply rooted in hiphop culture and also dedicated to presenting living legends live as well as documenting the
musical offroads of club music.
In 2006 Schack produced Brazilian singer Carla Alexandar's second album and works as
consultant, columnist for Metro Xpress and project manager in the music business.


Quirky, minimal techno and house is the name of the game for Stefan. And with several club concepts such as Dog Days and PPP on the record, not to mention having played most places woth playing in Copenhagen, he has quickly gained attention on the Copenhagen DJ-scene.

Thomas Madvig
One of the best known persons within the Danish mediaworld and surely the best known voice in Denmark.
Thomas started of as a radio host in the late 80's combined with appearances at nightclubs in the center of Copenhagen. In 1996 he was employed as a presenter on MTV and during the years in London he kept nurturing his DJ career. Returning home, he had a short stint on Danish television. Shortly after he was asked to host the show "D'Store Mix" on national radio.
Running the very successful night Very Disco and releasing own productions on Welt Recordings.
These days Thomas still works for the national radio and keeps a busy schedule with a vast number of activities.

Tim Andresen
Tim Andresen is one of the most profilic DJ's in Scandinavia
With Steen Thøttrup he forms the duo Professional
Losers but also produces under his own name. Signed to Southern Fried and had releases on Oven Ready, Wallop, Fragile og Frosty Music. Remixed for Fatboy Slim as well as
Southern Fried, Fragile og Murena.In Copenhagen he holds residencies at and arranges the clubnights Oven Ready, Together og Shake It All.